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1. DarkStar Ventrilo Servers
A provider of high quality ventrilo servers that offers a risk-free 30-da...
[ http://www.darkstarllc.com/ ]

2. UGT Servers
Ventrilo servers and hosting plans ventrilo guide and an up to date ventrilo download page. Affordable servers with all available...
[ http://www.ugt-servers.com ]

3. NationVoice Ventrilo
Ventrilo Servers by NationVoice are cheap reliable and high quality. NationVoice is also a reseller of the online voice chat softwar...
[ http://www.nationvoice.com ]

4. Lotus Sametime Unyte - Web Conferencing Services
Creators of online web conferencing software that provides an affordable solution for handling...
[ http://www.webdialogs.com ]

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